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We have what you need at our farm and garden store

Malta Farm and Garden is the leading farm and garden store serving farmers, business owners and individuals in Malta, NY. Our customers come to us for everything from pet supplies & farm supplies to outdoor furniture. Whether you need spring bulbs for your garden or stable feed for your chickens, we have the products for you.

Visit our local garden center today, or call ahead to see what we have in stock.

2 reasons to shop with Malta Farm and Garden

With over 100 years of combined farming experience, our friendly sales associates know a thing or two about the outdoors. When you shop at our local garden center, you'll experience that high level of knowledge firsthand as well as:

A pleasant shopping experience
in our organized store

A range of products, supplies and live plants

As a farmer, you may not have time to run to the store to stock up on supplies. We have you covered with our farm delivery services.

Our farm and garden store supports local charities and nonprofit organizations in Malta, NY.